Volume control Music [Lilypad Acelerometer]

This project start to and research for experiment with electronics element over different sort of cloth, through an open call to build wearable electronics stuff, was possible join the team designers, and artist people to create the future wedding dress. This is how the dress looks like:

Future Wedding  Dress

The dress is composed for 2 circuits, one of those circuits is a luminescent circuit that is activated for each step the girl gives. The circuit is composed for 4 Power LED’s of 1 Watt and around each of them 3 textil leds, these are activated for a textil switch who is in the feet of the girl.   The other circuit is a volume control for a Linux media player, who is controlled for an accelerometer placed in the arm of the dress. This project was made with different devices:

  • Lylipad + Acelerometer
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Hc-05 Bluetooth
  • Speakers, input 3.5mm jack

Preparing Raspberry PI OS

For this project I use a light version of Debian for ARM devices called minibian the connection was managed by the serial port, using an FTDI interface.

Using the FTDI interface
Using the FTDI interface

Note: To establish the connection it is necessary made some changes in the Minibian boot files, the first change is to add the following code line:

T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyAMA0 115200 vt100

Paste it at the end of the follow path /etc/inittab Update and upgrade the Raspberry Pi

#apt-get update & apt-get upgrade

At this point we need to install the packages to allow the Pi play sounds, install the following packages:

#apt-get install alsa-utils mpg123 mpd mpc moc

Reboot the pi and finally load the sound driver and set up the 3.5mm output jack

# modprobe snd_bcm2835

# amixer cset numid=3 1

Now we can use Lylipad and Raspberry Pi to work with,

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