About Me

I am a computer science engineer, born and raised in Colombia. I have been deeply interested in technology since I remembered. However, my most advanced research started around 2010, while I was involved in IEEE as Student Branch Chair of my college, as well as I was looking forward to obtaining my bachelor’s degree by developing something unique, innovating, and pretty different than the standard final projects my college were used to. I took advantage of my volunteer in some community wireless networks in Bogotá D.C. and my passion for the open hardware combined with several Linux skills I developed with the time. Finally, I mixed all those topics I was passionate about and end up developing a “low budget wifi access point to deploy independent communication networks for different usages” some of them in case of emergency as earthquakes, or to connect communities and schools in rural areas with hard or zero access to information (Internet). I was awarded to present my development in The seventh annual International Summit for Community Wireless Networks which was held in Berlin in October of 2013. One year later, I was awarded again to present further developments at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference held in Silicon Valley in 2014.

Eventually, I got involve in projects related to image processing, EMG signal processing, communication infrastructure, e-textiles, precision agriculture, drones among others. It was fun to have the chance to work in multidisciplinary groups, with fashion designers, artists, industrial designers, and even sociologists.

In 2014 I started working for an electric & electronics manufacturing company who wanted to develop their business in South America. I got on top of business development in Colombia. One year later, I was assigned to several countries within the region. Up today, I am managing 20 countries and looking forward to growing the market by deploying solutions rather than selling new products.

Thanks to my most recent position, I have had the chance to travel the world, connecting with new people and new cultures. I have developed interests such as finance and capital markets, macro and microeconomics. I got a sense of how to do business with people based on their culture, their interests, their mentality. Now I can tell, I quite enjoy to exchange with people, to convince, to influence, to learn, and to help each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.

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